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School Site Council

SSC Minutes 12.7.16

SSC Minutes 10.19.16

Role of the School Site Council

The School Site Council (the Council) serves as the governing board of Lincoln Elementary School (the “School”), which determines the focus of the School’s academic instructional programs and all related categorical resources.  The Council is made up of teachers, parents, and other school personnel who work with the Principal to develop, review and evaluate school improvement programs , the School budget as well as school safety.

All members of the Council with the exception of the Principal, serve for a term of two years. Parent members of the Council are elected by the parents in the school community; teacher members of the Council are elected by their peers. Council members have an obligation to make decisions that best serve the school community .

Responsibilities of the School Site Council

Every year, the Council analyzes and evaluates the academic achievement of all students in the School (included in the API report). After reviewing the School’s academic performance and looking at the big picture of the School’s progress, the Council and the Principal create the School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA). This plan, once developed, is submitted by the school to the district for approval and remains the School Plan for a period of 3 years. 

This School Plan may include a new academic program or a staff member or parent outreach strategy. As the School budget is limited and many funds can only be spent under strict guidelines, the decisions are made taking into consideration the best overall interest of our school and students. 

Over the course of a year, the Council works with the Principal to evaluate the school's progress towards the goals included in the School Plan. To monitor performance, individuals who are responsible for programs in the School Plan are invited to make a presentation to the Council during its scheduled meetings. During these presentations, the Council seeks to understand the nature of the program , success to date, and opportunities for improvement.   

School Site Meetings

The Council meets on a monthly basis, typically on the second Wednesday in room 7 from 3:00PM.- 4:30 P.M. Please consult the school calendar for specific time and location. 

School Site Council Guidelines
All School Site Council meetings are open to the public. The public is encouraged to attend, with an opportunity for comment. Meetings are noticed by posting of the agenda in the window in front of the office, as well as online. For more information, call the office at 760-432-2466.

Our Council meetings follow the Robert Rules of Order, similar to that of the district school board meetings. The public may direct questions or comments relevant to agenda items at the time those are under consideration. Public comment on any item is limited to three minutes per individual. Each person may only speak once. If you hear your question asked or point of view expressed, please be considerate of others waiting to speak and the time left to complete Council business.

Questions, Comments and Announcements
The public may direct questions or comments related to school business to the Site Council concerning matters not on the agenda, but the Council cannot act upon these unless placed on an agenda at a subsequent meeting. Council members and staff may also make announcements related to school business at this time. Comments under this section are limited to two minutes per individual. A total of 15 minutes is allocated for public comment.

  1.  Citizens
  2. Council Members
  3. Staff

Ed Code 33133

Board Policy 0420

Brown Act, State of California


California Department of Education, Single Plan for Student Achievement: http://www.cde.ca.gov/nclb/sr/le/singleplan.asp

Center for Comprehensive School Reform and Improvement: http://www.centerforcsri.org

SSC Meeting Schedule & Agendas

SSC Meeting Minutes

2016-2017 School Site Council Members

Term Position Name
2nd yr President  (Parent) Michael Dennis White
 1st yr Vice President  
 2nd yr District Advisory Council Representative (Parent)Silvia Soto
 1st yr Secretary (Teacher) Jessica Wells
1st yr
Parent Member
Esmeralda Reyes
2nd yr
Parent Member
Maria  del Carmen Alejandro
1st yrParent Member
Maria Jimenez
2nd yr Teacher Lorena Kirk
2nd yr
Priscilla Neri
2nd yr
 Classified Employee
Rita Batalla
Angel Gotay

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