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The Positive Action Word of the Week is Decision

posted Mar 14, 2011, 9:21 AM by Michele Lopez   [ updated Mar 14, 2011, 9:27 AM by bsanchez@eusd.org ]
A Decision is to think about the choices and pick the best one. 

We are faced with difficult decisions on a daily basis. The choice of how to react when there is conflict. The choice to walk through the classroom door, or refuse to walk out their own door. The choice to be college bound. 

These daily decisions influence how you can respond to instruction, interact with other people, and how you feel about your self-concept. Your teacher's role is to utilize teachable moments to guide you through the process of positive decision-making. 

The practice of making decisions begins by posing and answering who, what, where and why questions. It continues by using that information to find the options by measuring the rewards and consequences associated with each possible solution.  It ends by identifying the solution and the action plan to fully implement the decision. 

You may not always make the best choice, but your teacher is here to help you and give you the best chance.