Lincoln Student Dress Code


For many years, the Lincoln Elementary School community of parents and staff has agreed that a school uniform, or "Dress For Success" policy, is desirable to maintain consistency in the dress code and to promote attention to academics. We have found that school uniforms:

  • Are cost effective
  • Make it easier to get students ready for school in the morning
  • Are stress reducing: fewer choices and no label comparing
  • Make it easier to identify non-students on campus
  • Contribute to overall school spirit and
  • Result in fewer behavior problems

Uniform Dress Options

Pants, shorts, jumpers, skirts, and skorts:

    • Navy blue (preferred materials are heavy polyester/cotton blends -over denim/blue jeans)
    • Jeans should be saved for Fridays to be worn with adopted college shirt.
    • Not Allowed: Jeans or pants that are cutoffs, have holes or burns in the fabric, leggings (stockings/tights ok under dresses) and baggy pants that don't fit at the waist

Shirts, blouses, t-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, and light jackets: If not the School logo, then logo free or picture free

    • Solid White or Solid Red
    • Lincoln Uniform Shirts of any kind (Super Student, Perfect attendance, Math Team shirts, etc)
    • NOTE: sleeveless shirts and plain white t-shirts/undershirts are NOT allowed.

Winter jackets/coats: If not the school logo then logo free or picture free. Any color (No sport/team insignias allowed).

Shoes: Students must wear shoes at all times. Because of safety concerns during recess and P.E., students may not wear sandals of any kind (no open toes or open heels). Shoes should have no more than a one inch heal or lift. No skate shoes are allowed.

Hats: If a parent wishes their child to wear a hat while in the sun, they must write a note. Hats must be worn correctly (not backwards). Hats should be school uniform color and not have a logo. Hats and hoods may not be worn in the classroom.

Special Days

Friday - College Spirit shirt days: Fridays will be blue jean days with a shirt to represent your adopted University.

Special dress days: These days happen several times throughout the year. Families will be notified of the criteria for special dress days as they happen.

Where can I get uniforms?

Uniform Shirts are available for purchase in the Parent Center. Prices range from $10-$12 for shirts and $16 for zippered hoodies. Uniform clothing for the bottom half can be purchased at any retail store such as Wal-Mart, Target, etc. WE EMPHASIZE "Logo and design Free," bottoms as much as possible.